A new approach to digital inclusion  

“Everyone should have an equal opportunity to become empowered through ICT.”

- UN General Assembly, May 2020

About this website

This website aims to raise awareness on the issue of digital exclusion by helping people empathise with the digitally excluded. It is the result of a joint effort by the European Training Foundation (ETF), the EU agency working to support education and training in EU neighbouring countries, and the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO), a UN agency promoting decent work through learning and training. 

The problem is simple: more than 50 years after the internet appeared, and despite the growing number of devices collected to the web, many people are still excluded from the benefits offered by digital technologies, To foster more inclusive digital societies, we have been collaborating on the issue of digital inclusion starting with the Digital Inclusion Summit in July 2021, the publication of "4 to 42 - A digital inclusion handbook" (winner of the Paris Design Award), and the “Becoming e-Quals” poster competition in collaboration with Posterheroes. In a nutshell, we believe that we must work to create a new digital inclusion culture, focussing less on technological headsets and more on innovative mindsets.



Three introductory resources on digital inclusion

Three resources for inclusive web development

Three resources for digitally inclusive education and training

Three resources for digitally inclusive projects and interventions

Other resources


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This website is a starting point. Whether used with students in school or with colleagues at work, this website may trigger debates and discussions around digital exclusion and inclusion.

To make this happen, we are looking for like-minded partners to promote, translate, and propose new ideas on how this can represent the beginning of new initiatives. If you are interested, please get in touch with us through the contact form below.


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